Intro & Health

Restorative food medicine that gives back health and good spirits. Part of your Raw and Whole-food diet, Sprouted grains are as healthy as it gets, Full of activated and natural enzymes. Our gift for Sustenance & Epicure. Dalliance yourself to health and well-being 

Macrobiotics Ancient Vegan Organic, 2000 Year Old Sprouted Essene Recipe
Incredibly versatile, Exceptionally Nutritional. Gone out the window Flour-based processing & empty calories. Whole grains here are properly prepared. This is the backbone & fundamentals to the human diet

From weight loss to improved heart health, Essene buns have a range of health benefits. High in fiber keeping you full for longer periods, They carry an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals all essential to life

We believe food should be good for you and the planet. Start small and make positive changes daily. Together we can feed and grow a happier, healthier world

Take care of your body with your food and know what grows naturally on earth 

Healthier, Happier You