EsseNZ Rejuvenated Super Drink

Home to New Zealand's first Rejuvelac Brewery, delicately batch brewed with locally sourced ingredients to an artisans craft. Pure in flavour, lightly fizzy & refreshing to drink. The natural aromas tangy and citrus-like will grow on you. A wild fermentation that requires no culture starters or any aids such as sugar or honey. Sprouted whole grains are enough to begin the fermentation process.

Rejuvelac is Enzyme-rich, Cultured, Nutritious and packed with billions of Live-Probiotics. 'Good bacteria' being a topic that is close to our heart, as small as they are, they play a significant role on our health & existence. Important to our immune system, metabolism, and our digestive system

It is safe and recommended to take daily

Drink between meals on an empty stomach. Rejuvelac contains Vitamins K, E and B vitamins in abundance, Protein and many important minerals all essential to life 

Inspired by education on healthy food choices 

Configure your body to promote healthy bacteria and see how you feel

Try adding a sprig of mint or other juices from fruits, vegetables. Our drink is a great starting point for mixing into your favourite beverages or simply enjoy the refreshing drink on its own

Welcome to the new healthy you