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Essene buns have been made by my father for nearly 30 years. His recipe is traditional & ancient found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. We bring to you a recipe that is over 2000 years old. To experience bread the way it used to be made and the associated health benefits of eating a nutritionally exceptional whole live-food product.

Unique from most bread today and all flour-based foods. We are a niche health food product with an artisan view. Set in the magic of Auckland to build education and trust. We have the vision to see many family tables welcome the world’s most healthy foods.

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The Essene Archetype

The Essene Archetype is a very intriguing and inspiring ideal

They were and now are the frequency of enlightenment for transformation & healing of self and the planet. The ancient Essenes were historically recognized as the mystical Jewish prophets of the desert

The Essenes meticulously observed the Law of Moses, the tree of life & ritual purity

They were mystic and ascetic. Refused to sacrifice animals

They would eat once when the sun is highest & when it sets, and always eat less by a third

They had a live-food diet and vegan nutrition

Devoted themselves to charity and benevolence

Studied the books of the elders

& were very mindful of the name of angels

The Essene existence is first mentioned about 500BC

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